Worthy Investments to Ensure the Best Winter Experience

Investments to Ensure the Best Winter Experience

Winter is just around the corner. For some, colder weather may mean snuggling up on the couch with a pile of blankets and a warm mug of cocoa, but inclement weather doesn’t mean you have to give up your time in the sun.

In fact, it can be even more important to spend time outdoors in the winter than it is in the summer in order to prevent seasonal depression and vitamin D deficiency. There are tons of activities to do in the snow that can keep you active and provide you with fresh air.

The trick is to locate the kid inside who still enjoys snowball fights, sledding, and building snow forts. As you relocate the snow-lover deep inside, however, there are certain investments you’ll want to make to ensure the best winter experience possible.

1.) A good jacket

If you live in an area with snow, chances are you already own a winter jacket of some sort, but if your interaction with winter has generally been quick dashes from your car to work, you may not own a great winter jacket. This is one area you’ll want to fix if you’re going to be playing outside. Get a jacket that will keep you warm and insulated from the elements. The better your outer-wear, the more likely you are to enjoy yourself while out of the house rather than just think about how much you’d rather be inside watching a movie.

2.) Waterproof gloves

If you’re going to be making anything in the snow, from snowballs to forts, you want to make sure your hands aren’t getting cold and wet. This isn’t a time for those cheap cloth mittens you bought in the dollar bin. Instead, get a pair of nice, waterproof gloves lined with something warm. These will keep your hands toasty, allowing you to interact with the elements without suffering for the effort.

3.) Boots

You can lose a lot of heat through your feet, which makes waterproof winter boots an important investment if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. Think about the activities you plan to be doing before you purchase your boots. Boots for snowboarding look different than boots for stomping through knee-high snow.

4.) A hat

In addition to your feet, you can lose a lot of heat out the top of your head. That’s why you’ll often see infants with little hats on: Parents know how important it is to keep their heads warm. That doesn’t change as you get older. Though no one loves their hair after an afternoon wearing a thick hat, if you’re going to spend a lot of time outside a nice hat that covers your ears is a necessity.

5.) Sunglasses

It may seem strange to wear sunglasses in winter, but the truth is that UV rays can do damage to your eyes any time of year. Sunlight reflects off of snow, which means that you may find being outside in winter to be more irritating to your eyes than being outside in the summertime. The nice thing about sunglasses is that they can be used in every season, which gives you the ability to invest in a pair that really works for you. Sunglasses picks has information on sunglasses with good polarization; check out the full article.

6.) Snow pants

There’s nothing worse than soaking wet pants, but you can expect nothing less if you go outside in a regular pair of jeans and expect to be able to have a good time. Without a pair of snow pants, you will either become cold and wet in a very short span of time or you won’t be allowing yourself to have the maximum amount of fun you could be having while outside.

7.) Hot chocolate

After spending time in the snow, you want to make coming inside a treat. Reward yourself for an afternoon out with a nice cup of cocoa and some couch time. This will give you something to look forward to after playing outside, which may be helpful the first couple of times you go out as you may not be comfortable re-learning what activities you enjoy. Just make sure that you put an honest effort into enjoying the outdoors before rewarding yourself with hot chocolate. You can find some great ideas of outdoor winter activities to enjoy here.

There’s no reason being an adult means you can’t have fun. At some point, many children decide that it’s no longer all right to “play” because they are “too old.” Take back your childhood and allow yourself the freedom to play this winter. It may help you learn to enjoy the cold weather and snow again, instead of just waiting for the winter to pass and summer to come. Even better, you can get some exercise and release some endorphins.