What to Look for in a Cordless Lawn Mower

If you live in a house with a lawn, then mowing the lawn is a task that you have to carry out regularly. Mowing the lawn can either be an easy task that you do without much effort, or it can be a giant undertaking. A lot of this is dependent on the type of lawn mower you have. Before buying a new mower, it is therefore a good idea to consider what type of lawn mower will suit your needs.

The way the lawn mower is powered is generally the first consideration. Electric lawn mowers can be more difficult to use because of the care you must take with the cable. This also means the cable needs to be longer than the length of your lawn, or you need to start using extension cables. Petrol lawn mowers can be hard to handle and temperamental to start.

This is why cordless lawn mowers are more popular than ever. These are easier to use than either an electric or petrol lawn mower and the cut is just as good. Historically, cordless lawn mowers have struggled with battery problems, but with the advent of Lithium-Ion batteries, this is no longer the case. These batteries don’t lose charge, nor do they need to be fully charged before use.

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As already mentioned, the batteries have improved in recent years. They last longer and are more robust than older models. Another great feature is that the battery can be shared with other garden tools for example a strimmer. These batteries not only hold their charge longer, but can be recharged up to 500 times before they start losing some of their power.

The fact that you are not constrained by an electric cable, means that you can mow your lawn quickly and easily. You will not find yourself stopping suddenly as the cable has caught on something. Nor do you need to worry about mowing over the electric cable.

Push or Self-Propelled

As with other types of mower, a cordless mower is available in push style or as a self-propelled mower. Push mowers are powered by you pushing it along, whereas self-propelled mowers have powered wheels which drive the mower. You just need to control the direction and speed.

Quite often price is the deciding factor here as generally push models are cheaper. They are also generally easier to maintain and are ideal if you have a small lawn. If you have something bigger, a self-propelled mower will make the task much easier.


Cordless lawn mowers are a lot lighter than gas-powered mowers. Battery mowers are lightweight and much easier to handle and manoeuvre. They are so easy to use that you can start mowing straight away with no fuss. This also means they are easy to take out of your shed or garage, and to put away. They are also easy to store as you can lift them up or store them at an angle.


Both gas-powered and electric mowers are noisy. A battery powered mower is a lot quieter. It is also a more environmentally friendly option.


As with electric and gas-powered mowers, you have a choice about how the mower handles the grass clippings.  There are cordless models available that will mulch the grass clippings, or they can be collected in a bag. Mulched clippings are very finely chopped so they can be left on the lawn to quickly decompose.

Choosing the right lawnmower can be a difficult task as there are so many options available. But if you spend some time checking out the available models first, you can get a great mower that will ensure mowing your lawn is an easy job to do. Cordless lawn mowers are becoming more popular, as the quality improves and the price drops. Cordless mowers are easier to use so mowing your lawn is a quick and easy task. They are also a cost effective option compared to the price of gas or the cost of keeping the mower plugged in during your mowing sessions. They are easier to maintain too.