What are the best Instagram Bots available on the current market?

There are lots of Instagram bot websites available. In the past, there was no doubt that Instagress was the leading Instagram Bot. However, due to an ongoing war between Instagram and the bots, recently this popular Bot was unfortunately shut down. Instagram doesn’t like fake accounts and believes these bots are pushing the boundaries between growing accounts organic and artificially. Many people tried to move on and use the other substitutes that had similar functions and its predecessor. Towards the end of 201, another Instagram crackdown led to more bots being shut down. This left many users not knowing what to do and fear of investing in another automated service.

The year ended in more despair but 2018 remains hopeful

In summary, 2017 was a chaotic year for both Instagram and the Bots, many people believe Instagram ended the year with the upper hand due to many popular Bot companies being shut down.

Now at the start of 2018, has already seen the launch of countless new services. However, many people are still not convinced in investing in these new companies as they want a reliable and safe one to use.

Why do people actually use Bots?

The main use of a bot is to increase a profiles Instagram following and keep current followers following your account. Both of these are methods are done by engaging. However, a Bot will not do this manually as it is an automated service. Due to it being an automated service it is view as a very time efficient way to grow your account and brand.

For these reasons, many businesses have seen using social media platforms especially Instagram for marketing purposes and as an opportunity to build and grow their brand.

Almost all of the available Bots work the same and have similar features. They share the common goal which is to maximize your audience. This is done through interaction in order to grow your accounts following.

The current situation

As mentioned before many of the most popular Instagram Bots were recently shut down. Almost every bot can save you time and expand your account through engagement. As a result, your account will gain more followers and likes on your posted content. However, many users and businesses are not satisfied by this and are searching for a safe, reliable and effective Bot.  If you would like to read a full review the current markets top bots, you can read about it here at https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/4-best-instagress-alternatives/