Useful Tips on Making Your Auto Repair Shop a Success

If you are running an automotive repair shop, you need to know that most vehicle owners are becoming tired of using just any repair shop and opt to stick with the one they trust. You need to make sure that you fall on the list of trusted auto repair shops. You can gain trust by following these tips.

Reduce the Employee Turnover Rate

You need to be reliable and consistent in your undertakings. This is difficult to execute when you have a high turnover rate of staff, which can lead to having inexperienced mechanics every time a customer comes in. Remember, newly-recruited mechanics need to build upon experience before they can reach the level at which your customers can trust them.

You can reduce the turnover of the mechanics by treating them well, giving them the right benefits and a good salary. One of the ways to do his is to provide motor trade insurance cover for the mechanics.  You know too well that as the mechanics run operations, the chances of accidents or mishaps are high. These can happen at your premises or on the road, that’s if you offer mobile auto repair services as well. Insuring your mechanics prepares you for any eventuality.

Reducing the employee turnover rate makes your customers more comfortable because they work with the same mechanics each time. Customers find it hard to trust an auto shop when they encounter a different mechanic every single time they bring their car to your garage. Know more about motor trade insurance for your mechanics by checking out I4MT.

Guarantee Your Work

Do you trust your own work? Can you entrust your own vehicle to the mechanics in the garage for repairs? Well, you need to show that you trust your mechanics well enough to guarantee their work. You can provide this guarantee in terms of time or number of miles.

Make sure that you guarantee the work with perfect expertise behind your promise. It really pains when you guarantee a job to last 6 months and the customer comes back after a week with the same problem.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Loyalty doesn’t come easy, you have to earn it. When you have a few loyal customers, make them feel appreciated so that they continue giving your business. Come up with a strategy to give them something that will make them know that their business is appreciated. For instance, you can give customers that have come to your place 5 times a free oil change. You might encounter an upfront loss in revenue but this action will end up paying out in the end. You end up building a client base that will entrust their vehicle repairs to you, and will most likely refer their colleagues, friends and family to your shop.

Make a Stand and Stick with It

Many new customers are uneasy when it comes to entrusting their beloved vehicle to a new mechanic. Therefore, have an ethics statement that describes your working policy. Make it clear that you offer trustworthy and honest work. Make sure you provide a receipt for every purchase and service. Once you have a solid ethics statement, place it somewhere where everyone will see it as they wait to have their vehicle worked upon.

Under promise, and Over deliver

Never promise what your mechanics can’t deliver. Understand their capabilities and make sure you only advertise for the services you can offer. Always throw in something extra, to show your customers that you can offer more than what they have come for.

Schedule, and Fulfil Requests

Have a scheduling tool that will help you know when a car is supposed to be worked on and when it is supposed to be completed. Don’t keep your customers waiting because they will start doubting your capability. For instance, if you know that you can tackle a problem in 1 hour, and then tell the customer to come after one and a half hours so that you have some extra time to work on any eventuality.

Final Thoughts

A happy worker translates into a happy customer and definitely a happy you. Make sure you understand what your mechanics offer and make sure they have the best working environment to deliver this service. Insure them from unexpected mishaps and accidents to keep them safe at work, and to transfer liability to a third party. Finally, make sure you appreciate your loyal customers to retain their trust in your services.