Tips When Using a Vacuum Sealer

It doesn’t seem like it would be very difficult to properly store food with a vacuum sealer. While it’s actually not a difficult process, there are some tips that may help along the way. For those who don’t have a vacuum sealer yet, it’s highly recommended to invest in one. Vacuum Sealer Land has all the necessary information to do so. After that, come back and make sure that these tips are kept into consideration.

Don’t Vacuum Liquids or Food Crumbs

What needs to be remembered about a vacuum sealer is that they remove all of the air from a bag. Well, if excess liquid or food crumbs are present inside of a bag they will be sucked up by the machine. As one would guess, this is not healthy for a vacuum sealer. To prevent this, make sure to seal meats when they are frozen and to remove any crumbs.

Seal Fruits When Frozen

Vacuum sealers are powerful machines. When they are in operation, they are going to remove every single speck of air. However, this means that they will also crush down any food items inside. This is why it’s wise to freeze any contents that will squish (such as fruits) to prevent the food from becoming mush.

Purchase the Correct Bags

Unfortunately, vacuum sealers are not universal with every single bag in the world. There are special bags for each model and those are the only ones that should ever be used. While the machine is not going to explode, the food may not end up being properly sealed. Thus, using custom bags could result in spoiled food.

Don’t Overuse It

This tip is completely dependent on what kind of vacuum sealer is purchased. For some of them, most commercial-grade models, they are designed to run for hours on end. However, others need to have several minutes of downtime after extended periods of use. Make sure to be fully aware of what the motor is designed for.

More Than One Seal Can Be Made

If a mistake is made when initially sealing a bag, it doesn’t need to be opened to be sealed again. Less than a half of an inch is needed to make a new seal, so it’s unnecessary to re-open.

As with everything, the more one uses a vacuum sealer the wiser they will become with it. Hopefully, though, for first-time users, these mistakes can be avoided before they ever happen.