Picture This: The Genres of Photography

With the advent of cell phone cameras, it seems that everyone and anyone fancies themselves a photographer these days. But what if you’re really serious about your craft? Photography can be an enjoyable and fulfilling career, as well as a constructive and rewarding hobby. There are countless genres in the world of photography, so there’s bound to be at least one style that will tickle your creative spirit.

Travel Photography

If you are an avid traveler, travel photography could be the perfect way to combine business with pleasure. Whether you’re jetsetting to Europe or driving two hours to a nice bed and breakfast, people love to live vicariously by reading stories and seeing beautiful photographs of your vacations.

Wedding Photography

What could be better than documenting a happy couple’s wedding day? One of the true joys of being a wedding photographer is capturing the joy and love between two people and their family and friends as they celebrate their special day. Another perk of the job is getting to travel to locations such as Castle Ladyhawke for truly breathtaking wedding shoots.

Food Photography

With the explosion of food blogs and websites like Pinterest, food photography is one of the most prevalent forms of photography you can find online. Social media inspired many people to start taking pictures of their meals and sharing them with the world, and it has just grown from there. Restaurants and other food-based businesses may also be interested in your skills in order to entice customers to visit their establishments. So if you like food and you want to share your passion, food photography may be for you.

Nature Photography

At some point in your life, you have probably come across a copy of National Geographic magazine and gazed in awe at the lush photographs of exotic faraway lands, lively tropical rain forests, and other jewels of the natural world. What if you could be the one snapping these shots? If you can’t afford a flight to the Amazon, visit a local park or explore the nature in your own backyard. Not only will you take some lovely pictures, you will develop a greater appreciation for the natural beauty all around you.

Wildlife Photography

Perhaps you want to take your nature photography a few steps further and capture scenes of animals in their natural habitats, going about their daily business. Wildlife photography requires careful planning and total comfort with your camera equipment, as you may need to change a lens or adjust an angle on the fly to snap that perfect shot. Just be safe when you’re out in the woods and remember, these are wild animals, no matter how cute they may appear.

Aerial Photography

Once solely the domain of aircraft, aerial photography has become more accessible and, therefore, more popular in recent years thanks to the usage of drones. For a few hundred dollars, you can purchase your very own drone armed with a camera in order to take pictures from high vantage points previously unreachable by the average person. Many occupations, such as wedding photographers and city planners, have incorporated drones into their businesses.

Sports Photography

Are you thrilled by the crack of the bat or the smack of a ball being kicked? With the use of a long-lens camera, sports photography is a high-speed, action-packed way to translate the adrenaline rush of your favorite sports to diehard fans who weren’t in attendance. Capture every pulse-pounding play and immortalize climactic moments that will live on forever. On a local level, children’s sports teams and casual adult leagues alike provide ample experience to ply your trade and generally get a kick out of having their pictures taken.

Advertising Photography

On the commercial end of the spectrum, advertising photography allows you to use your visual expertise to help a business display and promote its products to the consumers. From small businesses to large companies, they all need someone to take pictures of their stuff and make it look cool so people will want to buy it. Being a photographer in the advertising business doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve transformed into a soulless corporate drone, as there will still be opportunities to exercise your creative muscles in different ways.

Last Words

These are just a handful of examples of the different types of photography. Regardless of which path you choose to pursue as you delve into photography, always remember to enjoy what you are doing and that feeling will shine through in your pictures.