Low-Cost Options to Cool your Home

You don’t have to burn through your wallet to keep your apartment comfortable when the outside weather gets hot. Sure, you may have limited control over your rented condo’s air-conditioning system, but there are specific tricks that you can use to help maintain a pleasant environment.

Here are suggestions for cooling your living space that require little time and effort. Some won’t even cost you a cent, translating to a lower monthly electricity bill.

Open or Close Your Doors

You may consider closing or opening the door in your rental to cool the air. A single air-conditioning unit, for instance, may not be enough to cool your two-bedroom apartment. You can, therefore, open your bedroom doors to reduce the heat and to improve the air circulation. If your plan is to ensure that only your bedroom stays cool (such as when you retire to bed) you may consider closing the door to lock in the cool air.

Set Your Ceiling Fan to Cool

You may not know it but you can change the direction of your ceiling fan blades to prevent the heat from escaping. It is essential that you find out if your system’s blades are moving in a direction that will keep the air in your room cool. Be sure read the user’s manual to learn how you can change the blade’s direction to suit your needs.

Even then, you should make sure that you install your ceiling fan correct. In fact, the same goes for any other air-conditioning system. Failure to do so may lead to problems when fine-tuning your unit. And, speaking of installation, visit Rel Energy to have your system mounted professionally. That way, you will be one step closer to enjoying a comfortable and bearable ambiance in your room.

Create Enough Space Around your Air-Conditioning Units

The number one reason your air-conditioning system won’t work as you expect is if you place furniture or other bulky equipment next to it. Never keep a dresser or couch to the side or in front of your unit. Also, ensure that any air- conditioning unit in your rental has adequate space to dispense cool air forward and sideways, preferably at 45 degrees angle.

Keep the Sunlight Out

Close your curtains or blinds on hot days to preserve energy. Again, you air conditioning units will function better if the air coming in through your windows is relatively cool. Other than that, shut the blinds and close your curtains whenever you leave your apartment or when your air conditioner is not running.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining an effective air conditioning system in your rented apartment can cost you hundreds of dollars. And, as stated you may not have control over the system, making it even harder to regulate the air temps in your home. Nonetheless, these tips will indeed cool the air in your living room, and the beauty of it is that you will spend less. One more thing – remember to keep your windows closed to prevent cool air from escaping. You may, however, open them during sunset as the outside temps fall.