Jobs That Have a High Risk of Back Pain

Whether it is just a part-time job to pay the bills or it is a dream career, your work life plays a huge role in your overall health. At times, not in a good way as you might expect. Some of the professions are “back-breaking,” and while you get the satisfaction that you need from the job, at the end of the day you end up with back pain that doesn’t go away.

Today we look at back pain in the office setting. The office, in this case, is the place where you work from, and we look at the various careers that are seen to be “back-breaking.”

Factory work

Factory workers often handle tasks that need them to do the same thing over and over again. These movements, when done for long periods of time cause muscle fatigue and lead to weakness.

To avoid these issues, it is advisable that you take a break regularly to evaluate the posture. If you have a chance to vary the tasks, then do so. THz gives you the ability to use the different muscles of the body instead of tiring the same ones over the day.


As a mechanic, you need a lot of bending and twisting to get the task done. These tasks require you to arch your back to perform them. When you do this, you place your back in awkward positions, which is a recipe for injury and pain.

To avoid this, make sure you get as close to the part of the area you are working on to prevent straining the back muscles as you work.

Warehouse Work

Working in a warehouse is a physically demanding job. It requires you to spend a big part of the day pulling and pushing heavy loads that put the spine at risk of injury.

To prevent injury and promote recovery, you need always to think before you act. Check out the weight of the item you are about to carry before you lift it. If it is too heavy, ask someone to help you or use a forklift or cart. Additionally, use gloves to protect the hands and promote better grip.


Your dentist might seem like the most amicable person you have ever come across, but behind that smile is a world of back pain. Most of the dentists that have been in the profession for more than 30 years suffer from back pain that came as a result of the profession.

Dentists perform tasks that keep them in one position for long periods. They also twist and bend their necks and the upper back frequently. This is why it is a common occurrence for dentists to suffer from upper back and neck pain.

To prevent these from happening, you need to use better magnification and proper lighting to bring the field of vision much closer to that you can allow the neck to rest in a natural position instead of being flexed down.

If you have chair arms, then use them for support so that you can do precision procedures with both hands.


Secretaries don’t spend a lot of their time lifting huge objects, but this might also be one of the reasons why their spines are at risk. Sitting at the computer the whole day can leave you grimacing in pain after the day closes.

Make sure you get out of the chair and walk around regularly to stretch the muscles. You can also use the Leachco Snoogle Total body pillow that is talked about on Free Your Spine to offer support for your back.

The Conclusion

Back pain is common in many professions; these are just a few of them. Either way, you can correct the situation by using these tips to reduce the strain on your back.