How to Grow Your Engagement Levels After they Drop

If you use Instagram to boost your social engagement levels, then you must have realized that there is a decrease in the levels of engagement over the past few months. This is due to the action of the Instagram algorithm that has led to various changes in the way the engagement rates are calculated.

But this doesn’t mean that you change the way you handle the account – you need to continue doing the same things that you have been doing to take your account to a whole new level, maybe even do some more.

To help you combat this change in engagement, we look at a few tips to help you maintain the constant level of engagement. Here are the tips.

Stay Competitive

If you have realized a loss in engagement levels, you might be looking at more competition in the niche. What you need to do is to stay competitive so that you don’t lose your hold on the niche further.

With a decrease in engagement, the levels of competition go higher, making it tougher for you to get the same number of engagement as before.

If you have never thought of automating your tasks on Instagram, then this is the right time to do so. What you need though, is a bot that will increase the engagement without leading to account suspension? Take time to learn more about the algorithm so that you know the how to handle various providers of Instagram tools followers on Income Artist.

Use Hashtags

A look at one of the accounts on Instagram revealed a mixture of hashtags that were of no value. What you need to do in such a case is to review your hashtag strategy and make sure you change it so that you enjoy more from these tags.

One of the ultimate ways to look spammy is to use the same hashtags over and over again or to use hashtags that you didn’t know were banned.

What you need is a tool to tell you what kinds of hashtags are trending in which niche, and which ones are already banned so that you don’t use them at all.

Schedule Your Posts

You need to make sure you deliver content to your audience at the right time. You might be wondering why your posts get the least engagement yet they are of high quality – the reason is that you are posting them at a time when your audience is at work or worse still, sleeping.

Make sure you look up the best times to post content on your profile so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time and resources to get the content up only for it to get the least amount of engagement.

Use Instagram Stories

Since Instagram stories came to the fore, users on Instagram are increasingly using this feature compared to plain images and videos. Instagram stories give you 24 hours to post content and engage with your audience. Take time to learn how they work and come up with the right content so that you have the right content to share with your audience.

To make proper use of Instagram stories, you need to make sure that you are highlighting a process that takes more than a few hours. Since you can continuously engage with your users for 24 hours, you can keep them hooked all day and all night long.

The Bottom-line

The latest Instagram algorithm has made it hard for you to enjoy the levels of engagement you used to enjoy a long time ago. What you need to do in such a case is to make sure you continue with your efforts to build a great audience.