How Learning The Drums Can Skyrocket Your Child’s Development

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube in recent years, you have probably seen the videos of adorable child prodigies rocking out on the drums. From the five-year-old girl performing Van Halen’s “Jump” to the three-year-old boy doing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns ‘N’ Roses, you can’t help but be amazed by the skill and dedication possessed by these mini musicians.

But did you know that learning to play the drums can have a substantial positive effect on your child’s development? Not only will they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally, they will gain a magical experience that will stay with them for life. For once you get your child a drum kit like the one found here – – the magic will begin to happen.


    • Playing the drums is the most physically demanding job in any band, so your child will definitely work up a sweat when they’re behind the kit. By providing this full-body cardiovascular workout, drumming will ensure they grow up healthy and fit, which is a challenge in the modern age of video games and smartphones.
    • Studies conducted among cancer and AIDS patients suggest that playing the drums can boost your immune system. If your child grows up playing the drums, they may be less at risk of getting sick than their more sedentary friends.
    • Using all four limbs at the same time is essential in drumming, so your child will be able to hone their coordination, balance, motor skills, and body awareness.


    • Although you might be worried that a new interest in playing the drums will interfere with your child’s schoolwork, studies have shown that musical training can improve academic performance. By learning rhythm notation, your child will more easily grasp mathematical concepts such as multiplication tables and fractions.
    • Since all regions of the brain are involved in drumming, your child will receive a mental workout in addition to a physical one. Learning to coordinate all four limbs simultaneously forces the brain to work with and strengthen both your dominant and non-dominant sides.
    • Understanding musical notes and how rhythm works causes the brain to operate in a very unique and complex way that few other activities can match. As a result, playing the drums can actually increase your child’s IQ level.


    • Kids love to hit things and make noise. At its core, that’s pretty much what drumming is, which makes it a perfect outlet for your child to blow off steam in a creative and constructive manner. Learning to play the drums will teach them to harness this pent-up energy in a satisfying way, and they will also practice useful life skills such as patience, attention, and impulse control.
    • Playing the drums will come to represent a positive escape for your child when they’re stressed out, overwhelmed, or anxious. A session behind the kit, even just for a few minutes, can provide relief from any emotional turmoil your child may experience. The physical activity of drumming causes the brain to release mood-boosting endorphins, similar to the feeling experienced by runners when they exert their bodies.
    • Due to the complex nature of keeping rhythm and learning to play dynamically, your child will be filled with self-confidence when they begin to master more challenging parts. Along the way, they will learn perseverance and the concept of constantly growing and working hard to achieve their potential. These are valuable lessons that will carry over into all areas of life.


    • In addition to developing your child’s confidence, learning to play the drums will help them improve their communication skills. Since drumming encourages your child to express their thoughts and feelings without words, they will more easily navigate the murky waters of non-verbal cues in social settings.
    • As the backbone of a band’s rhythm, a drummer must communicate effectively with his or her bandmates. Through drumming, your child will learn to be more empathetic and cooperate with others toward a common goal.
  • With the vast array of musical styles available to an aspiring drummer, a whole new world will be open to your child if they learn to play the drums. Not only will they expand their social circle through bands or orchestras, they will always be able to talk shop with any other drummer, regardless of culture, because music is a universal language.