Gift Ideas and Suggestions for Your Children 12 Years Old and up

The holidays are coming soon, and you are stuck wondering what to buy for your teenagers. For parents who have kids who are almost or already in their teens, finding gifts and presents for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions can be a bit challenging. Because these young people have entered that stage in their lives where they are getting to know themselves better and becoming independent, you have to take into consideration what they want, their personalities, and their interests and hobbies are. It can be something useful for their studies, or something that they can have fun with. Here are some common gift suggestions:


With how popular social media is at present, it makes sense to give your teenager a smartphone so that they can be a part of the booming tech culture of today. This device can help make them feel a sense of belongingness, as their peers surely have their own phones as well. Apart from being able to have easy access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, and taking selfies, a smartphone can also be used as a tool for researching for information they need for their homework and projects.


For parents who want to teach their young ones the importance of being active, they should look into gifting a skateboard. Nowadays, there are different kinds of skateboards available. There are the regular, traditional ones, and also the electric varieties. For many kids of this generation, having an electric skateboard is an amazing thing, as their peers will definitely admire the features and functions of these futuristic-like toys.


A drone is a cool gadget that comes with a camera. Your kids can use it to record a 360-degree view of the surroundings from above, and use the footage to create short films or just admire the view from the top. It can help foster your children’s imagination, creativity, and strategic and motor skills, as they try to maneuver the controls to make it do exactly what they want and go precisely where they want it to. It comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, features, and designs.

Gift card

Sometimes, even after trying so hard and spending so much time contemplating about it, you just cannot think of a suitable gift for your kids. For this reason, it may be better to get them a gift card so that they can just choose whatever they want. You can gift them a $20 or $50 certificate that is valid for use at their favorite clothing store, bookstore, toy store, gaming arcade, or other places. You can even get one that lets them dine at their favorite restaurant with a few of their friends. This lowers the risk of getting a present that they will not like, and encourages them to carefully decide what to purchase that is within the budget.