Features of Electric Blankets

Having lived in houses with no central heating, I have always been a big fan of the electric blanket. If they haven’t literally saved my life, they have come pretty close. During a cold winter, there is no better feeling than getting into a cosy bed that is already warm. If you suffer from aches and pains, an electric blanket can also provide some relief. Just like going to sleep in a lovely hot bath.

When you are in the middle of a cold winter, it can seem never-ending. Give yourself a little night-time warmth by using an electric blanket. If you don’t know which are the best electric blankets, I suggest you do a little research. For information on the best electric blankets, go to Warm Electric as they have reviews on the best blankets plus some useful hints and tips on using and caring for electric blankets.

Now that you have decided to buy an electric blanket, which type should you buy? What features should you look out for?


An electric underblanket is the original model. You attach this to your mattress using elastic straps or fabric ties and it covers the mattress. You then cover it with a bottom sheet and it will heat the surface of your bed.

If you are a bit fidgety at night, they can move and form uncomfortable ridges.

Heated Mattress Cover

This is similar to an underblanket, however, it is fitted to the mattress by an elasticated skirt similar to a normal mattress cover.


These are slightly more flexible than the electric underblanket. You can use it as an additional blanket under your duvet. Or you can use it instead of your duvet and put it in your duvet cover.


These don’t have to be used in bed so have more use around the house. You can have it switched on when you are sat watching TV and you can still use it in bed. They come in all sorts of materials and colours so it makes a nice throw when not switched on.


Not only do you need to decide where on your bed your electric blanket will go, but there are different features available. Decide what things you really need and which would be a nice to have. Then you can decide which electric blanket is suitable for you.

  • Pre-Warming. A pre-heating facility is available on some models so the bed is at the right temperature before you get in. Some can be pre-warmed super fast which is around 10 minutes.
  • Timer programmes. One thing I used to hate was getting warm and cosy then having to move to switch my electric blanket off. Well not any more. Many models can be pre-programmed to turn on and off at your selected times. No longer do you have to be awake to turn your blanket off.
  • Heat adjustment. Most blankets have adjustable heat settings so you can select your own temperature from within the available range. This is great as you can use your blanket when it is a little chilly or in the depths of winter.
  • Two controls. I am not sure if there is a couple alive who need the same temperature in bed! This option means that if you are sharing a bed, you can have your own control and heat your own side of the bed. You do need two plug sockets to use this feature.
  • If you want your bed to remain at the same temperature, then you need temperature sensors. This measures the heat of the bed and not the heat of the blanket.
  • Foot warmth. For those of you who get really cold feet, you can get an electric blanket that provides extra warmth to the feet area.
  • Most electric blankets come in a variety of fabrics including polyester and fleece.
  • Some electric blankets are washable and some can even be tumble-dried.
  • There are 2 features you need from a safety point of view. The first is an automatic shut-off. This means that if your blanket gets too hot, it will automatically turn itself off. The second is a timer so again it will automatically turn itself off but in this case when it has been turned on for 12 hours.