Benefits of Having a Water Softener Installed

A decision that every single homeowner needs to make is whether they want to install a water softener. If you fall under this description and have not done so, it is time to make a conclusion. Probably the key factor, if you are hesitant to pull the trigger, is the initial cost. Yes, a good-value water softener is not going to be cheap and can get very expensive if you want it professionally installed. However, the benefits of doing so are just too great to ignore.

Gives More Care to Your Clothes

When you wash your clothes with hard water, you are doing more damage than you might initially realize. Hard water has substances that will negatively affect the fibers present in clothing (or towels). Initially, you may not notice any difference. Through time, though, if you continue to wash your pieces of clothing without softening your water, your clothes may end up in the garbage can. Besides this, soft water will also create a softer feel; as well as produce cleaner and brighter results.

A Longtime Money Saver

“Wait, didn’t he just say the biggest drawback to installing a water softener was the price”. Chances are, this is what you just asked yourself. No, this is not a contradictory statement. While you must spend a good deal of money for a water softener (and even more so if you get it professionally installed), it will end up saving you money in the long run. The reality is, hard water has particles in it that will eventually form on your pipes. This can lead to you having to repair your water pipes, an increased electric bill (thanks to machines using the hard water having to work harder) and having to replace household appliances. All of which, will take excess money out of your wallets.

Little Maintenance Required

It is worth nothing that there are two types of water softeners that you can invest in: one with salt and one without. A salt-free model, in specific, has a huge advantage of needing very little maintenance. After all, the entire purpose of salt-free water softeners is the convenience of not having to use any chemicals or salt. Unfortunately, they have been known to not work as efficiently as salt-based systems. Either way, they are fantastic and you can learn more about them at

Improve Your Water

In a lot of ways, investing in a water softener is worth it to improve your water alone. Instead of having to buy a water filter, how great would it be to drink healthy water straight from the tap without the unpleasant minerals included? Just as good, is bathing in soft water. Not only does this create a softer feeling skin for you, it also brings more life to your hair. Every single day of your life, you will use water for something so you might as well have the best water available.

Improve Your Hot Water Heater

Much like using hard water can create build-up and scum on your pipes, it can have the same result for your hot water heater. When this type of corrosion becomes present inside any sort of pipe, it is almost like a layer of insulation is being added. What happens is some of the heat will not transfer into the water. Thus, this will reduce the efficiency of the machine and bring more money out of your wallet. However, when soft water is flowing through pipes there are no particles to create scum build-up.

It Cleans More Efficiently

Outside of producing cleaner and brighter clothes, using soft water makes it easier to clean anything. For example, when you are washing the dishes (or when you place all of them in your dishwasher). Though, for those of you who like to manually wash your vehicle, it also prevents streaks from appearing on the paint of your vehicles. There is nothing worse than seeing a shiny vehicle with water streaks all over. Honestly, it defeats the purpose of even washing it in the first place. Although it has been beaten to death, soft water does not have this issue because there are no particles and unwanted minerals present.

Not a Health Risk

It is important for you to realize that using hard water is not a health risk. Although it would seem so, the only fault of hard water is that it is a nuisance. Now, does that mean it is a good idea to continue using hard water? No, of course not, because as you have seen there are several advantages to using soft water. It just means that you are not going to die because you did not have a water softener installed into your home. But, ask yourself, how is installing this appliance not worthwhile?