9 Benefits of Having an Accountant in Your Small Business

From business advice to bookkeeping, discover why it’s important to consider hiring an accountant for your small business.

When we think of an accountant, we often think about receipts and calculators, but there’s a lot more to accountants than that. Right now, we’re going to discuss the benefits of using a small business accountant and how they can impact your business.

Accountants can help you handle complex accounting tasks

Qualifying as an accountant takes years, which speaks to the difficulty of the job. While some accounting jobs are very easy, many others are extremely complex.

Most owners of small businesses don’t have an extensive knowledge of accounting practices and procedures, but they still need to handle such tasks. This is not much of a problem for a very small business with one person handling a few customers. However, for bigger SMEs with many clients and perhaps a few employees, complicated accounting jobs are all part of daily business operations.

If your small company is in this situation, it’s likely you’ve encountered an accounting issue you’ve really struggled to solve. Maybe you solved it. Or maybe you thought you had overcome it, but actually made a mistake instead.

Accounting mistakes are very costly and might even bring down your business. Fortunately, however, there are many small business accounting specialists out there who can help you resolve these complicated accounting issues and make sure that you don’t make any mistakes.

Accountants can help save your time

Time is more than just money. You need it to develop your small business. Without time, your business can’t develop, it can’t grow and it can’t handle the competition.

But the problem is that time is also one thing that’s scarce for business owners. With so many things to do, all while keeping your family happy, it may be difficult to find enough time each day. However, there’s one side of business management that’ll require the most time: finance.

This includes simple tasks like recording receipts and bookkeeping and more complicated tasks like setting financial targets and tax returns. These kinds of accounting jobs are essential for business stability and success, but they also use up lots of time.

Having an accountant in your small business lets you delegate such time-consuming accounting tasks and concentrate on what’s vitally important: expanding your business as well as spending time with your family.

Accountants are tax experts

Tax returns can seem pretty simple, but they’re not.

In fact, there are multiple ways to cut your tax bill, ways that may both be used on the day of tax return and throughout the year. If you own a small business, it’s unlikely you’ve got the expertise or time to use such methods, but their capacity to decrease costs shouldn’t be underestimated.

Accountants can often reduce your tax bill, which more than pays for themselves while saving you money to either use or invest in your business.

They can help you avoid penalties

Small business can be hit by hefty penalties for missing deadlines, making mistakes on tax returns, or failure to comply with tax regulations. With a good accountant, you definitely shouldn’t be suffering these penalties.

Accountants can keep your costs down

The job of an accountant is to keep themselves updated on the financial health of a business. Therefore, they’re highly likely to detect when money is spent recklessly.

While you’re searching for ways to grow your brand, get on the latest marketing bandwagon, or you’re looking for your next customer, you might be missing some subtle but costly financial drains.

For instance, while you focus your attentions elsewhere, you’re likely to forget about the usual payments made to lenders or suppliers. Payments that you’ve not reviewed for some time, but just consider as expenditure.

An accountant will monitor these expenses. He or she will keep an eye on them, making sure you’re not overpaying for anything.

Can connect you with other professionals

Having an accounting professional can be beneficial in many ways that you might not have considered before. An accountant can be able to recommend similar or like-minded professionals in your business field to work with, particularly if your small business is aiming to expand and take on more customers. In contrast, if you want to contract or hire for specific tasks, you accountant may know somebody or have a connection to someone who might be an invaluable asset to your small business through their diverse clientele.

Accountants can help you grow

Accountants can provide you with more wide-ranging business advice. You’ll often have the same accounting professional for many years, so they’ll understand your business and can give you an informed viewpoint on your choices. They may help you take the right decisions and promote growth and profitability.

Accountants increase your effectiveness in other situations

Accounting professionals can help you take care of many other vital areas in your business. For example, they can assist you to write a good business plan with practical financial projections. And if you’re trying to choose the best legal structure, they’ll let you know the benefits and drawbacks of each structure and help you establish one. If you are selling or buying a business, trying to obtain funding, or making big investments, they’ll help you through all your major projects.

Accountants let you focus on running your business

When you’ve got a professional focusing on your financial and accounting needs, you can take the time you’d have spent struggling in a field you have no expertise in, and use it wisely growing and taking care of your business. Hiring an accountant ultimately allows you to continue to run your business efficiently and avoid any huge financial troubles.

When you decide to use an accountant, make sure to hire the right person. A great place to start searching for an accounting professional is your local accounting association. You can find many of them online, and you have the added advantage of making sure that who you choose is well qualified and belongs to this association.

Accountants do much more than just crunch figures. They can provide essential and worthwhile business and tax advice that’s essential for your small business and its success in the future.